Dykstra Naval Architects brings over 40 years of experience in the design, redesign, naval architecture and marine engineering of classic and modern performance yachts and offers preliminary and concept designs for both pleasure and commercially operated yachts. Founded in 1969 by Gerard Dykstra, and led now by Managing Director, Thys Nikkels, the award winning team at Dykstra is comprised of passionate sailors actively sailing our own designs and redesigns using first hand practical experience combined with in-house developed software to provide expertise in spars, rigs, and structural analysis that is current, tested and tried.


The Dykstra Naval Architects Team on board JH2 Rainbow during the Monaco Yacht Show
from left to right:

Jeroen de Vos / Naval Architect
Mark Leslie-Miller / Naval Architect
Thomas van Es / Naval Architect
Edwin Luijf / Naval Architect
Gerard Dykstra / Company founder & Naval Architect
Daan Sparreboom / Naval Architect
Thys Nikkels / Managing Director & Naval Architect
Hilbert ten Have / Naval Architect
Gil Wang / Naval Architect
Anneliek van der Linde / PR & Marketing
Erik Wassen / Naval Architect


Books & Papers by Dykstra Naval Architects.


Structural design of S/Y Dream Symphony: the largest wooden ship ever built

HISWA Symposium, by Alex Shimnell (SP - High Modulus) and Hilbert ten Have (DNA)


Weather routing for motor sailors

HISWA Symposium, by Daan Sparreboom and Mark Leslie-Miller (DNA)


"The use of fibre optic strain monitoring systems.. Dynarigs"

'The use of fibre optic strain monitoring systems in the design, testing and performance monitoring of the novel freestanding Dynarigs…'. by Damon Roberts, Gerard Dykstra and others, HISWA Symposium


"Maltese Falcon: the Realization"

HISWA Symposium, by Gerard Dykstra


"Propulsion aspects of large sailing yachts"

HISWA Symposium, by Jeroen de Vos (DNA) and G. Nijsten


'The resurgence of the classic designs and the J-Class revival, Logic, theory and satisfaction behind the recreation of the classic boat'.

MAREX, by Thys Nikkels and Gerard Dykstra


‘Wind tunnel tests on schooner rigs and their use in performance prediction by VPP calculations’

HISWA Symposium, by Gerard Dykstra and Ian Campbell


'The recreation of the classic boat'

HISWA Symposium, by Gerard Dykstra and Mike Carr


'Innovation in traditional boat building in Indonesia, theory and practice'

IIAS Symposium, Leiden University and 1999, TU Delft, Sustainable technology for the maritime sector. by Gerard Dykstra and J. Schutter


'An appreciation of developments in sailing yacht designs'

MAREX Symposium, Auckland, New Zealand, by Gerard Dykstra


'Wooden boat building development in Indonesia'

HISWA Symposium, by Gerard Dykstra, D. Bar and R. Cameron


'Sail handling systems for the larger cruising yacht'

HISWA Symposium, by Gerard Dykstra and H. van der Linde



Book about and for Gerard Dykstra, Published for the special occasion of presenting the KIVI NIRA medal of honor to Gerard Dykstra. Book edited by Anneliek van der Linde


'Tien jaar zeilen'

Ten years of sailing by Gerard Dykstra. ISBN NR. 90.6091.219.5


'Kaap Hoorn aan bakboord'

Contribution by Gerard Dykstra


'Natuurlijke energy aan boord'

Natural energy onboard sailing yachts, by Gerard Dykstra


'Les coureurs du grand large'

Contribution by Gerard Dykstra


"Sail plans and deck layouts for ocean going cruising yachts'

HISWA Symposium on Naval Architecture, by Gerard Dykstra