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SY Perserverance winner of two Awards at the Boat International Design & Innovation Festival in Milan. Best Naval Architecture Sailing Yachts and Eco Award!

The 39,6 mtr Custom plumb bow sloop is designed and naval architecture by Dykstra Naval Architects, with an interior by deVosdeVries design, and built by Baltic Yachts.

The naval architecture subcommittee found the contenders for this category to be a very strong group, with impressive innovation, technical achievements and sailing ability. All entries were similar-sized sloops, and all have their performance characteristics aligned with their mission. On final analysis, Perseverance 1 ticked the boxes for best performance in light air thanks to her advanced construction materials and methods, carbon-fibre spars and standing rigging. She scored extra points for a rig geometry that enables quick sail adaptation to match environmental conditions, thus allowing her to sail for long periods. The hull, lifting keel and rudder were devised via CFD analysis for a balanced helm and manual steering. Given her passage-maker mission, high bulwarks and deep cockpits provide extra safety for guests and crew.

It may seem that a sailing yacht entering the Eco category has an advantage, but the owner of the winning yacht went far beyond simply using sails. With his encouragement, the build team hit upon six methods of energy saving. One of the most interesting fuel-saving ideas lays in the elimination of individual seawater cooling pumps, replacing them with a shared central unit and using a frequency converter to control its speed and limit the flow of seawater to demand. Along with a zero-emission electric propulsion motor, waste heat recovery, auto controls on lights and AC zones, two small Tier III-compliant variable speed gensets and the free-wheeling propeller-charging batteries when sailing, Perseverance 1 has documented 70 litres per day diesel savings while operating in owner mode.

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